Wrongful Termination

Black's Law Dictionary Definition

An at-will employee's cause of action against his former employer, alleging that his discharge was in violation of state or federal anti-discrimination statutes, public policy, an implied employment contract, or an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

See also: Discrimination, Labor and Employment

Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from a job is devastating. Especially if you were let go wrongfully. You do not have to accept it, if you were in fact wrongfully terminated you can receive the compensation needed. There can be several different reasons considered as wrongful termination. Some examples are discrimination, violation of public policy, retaliation, contract breaches, fraud, or defamation.


Although this is an extreme form of wrongful termination, it still happens. Usually this occurs in the recruiting process, to get you into the job. Promising you many things, only to lose everything when employed. David Whipple can help you find the correct way to attack the fraud legally.


Some forms of discrimination that can have legal action include: your race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, pregnancy, or genetic information. If any of these are the reason for your termination, talk to David Whipple.

Violation of Public Policy

Were you fired for missing work due to jury duty, military duty, or using earned vacation time? These can be ground for a suit to take place. There are other examples of public policy, which David Whipple can help you understand. For it to be public policy, there must be a law that corresponds to your reasoning of termination.


Did your employee retaliate after you had done something legal? Did you file for sexual harassment, then get fired soon after? This is an example of an employer retaliating after you had taken some sort of legal action.

Employment Contract Breach

Has your contract been breached by your employer? Have you had an injury at work but your employer refuses to pay the medical bills? There can be many examples of different breaches in a contract, which may be due to a miscommunication between an employer and employee. A lot of the time there is just a misunderstanding of the contract. David Whipple can help you and your employer understand what your contract stated.


During the firing process, your employer started to spread false rumors about you. This is defamation. You have the legal right to protect how you are represented in the community. This can severely damage your future employment opportunities.

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