Employment Contracts

Black's Law Dictionary Definition

A legal relationship consisting of the rights and duties of the contracting parties; a promise or set of promises constituting and agreement between the parties that gives each legal duty to the other and the right to seek a remedy for the breach of those duties.

See also: Employment, Employee Benefits

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are very important in a legal standpoint. There are many forms of contracts that can take place. The most basic understanding of an employment contract is the employer recognizing the hiring and paying of a new employee. There can be many different statements in the contract to promise an employee something and vice versa the employee promising the employer to honestly work.

Help Creating A Contract

Need help creating a new employment contract? David Whipple can get you started on a correct and accurate form. The Whipple Law Firm, P.C. is recognized for its knowledge in the business world. There are plenty of forms that can be found online but having the knowledge of someone who knows what they are doing is always safer.

Employment Contract Breach

Has your contract been breached by your employer? Have you had an injury at work but your employer refuses to pay the medical bills? There can be many examples of different breaches in a contract, which may be due to a miscommunication between an employer and employee. A lot of the time there is just a misunderstanding of the contract. David Whipple can help you and your employer understand what your contract stated.


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