What You Should Do

Auto Accident

The first thing you should is determine the safety of the people involved in the accident. If the accident is in the road and the cars can drive, move the accident off the road. Safety should be the first thing in mind. Call David Whipple for help to know what to do, then call the police.

The next thing you should do is exchange information with the other driver. This information includes insurance cards, names, numbers, and license plate number. If the other driver tries to drive away, remember, and write down the license plate and make and model of car. This is very important to have.

How to Protect Yourself

Take photos and write information down about what you remember about the accident. This will help in the process of settling the accident in court or to the insurance company. The more pictures and information the better. Never admit fault. Just take the information you have to your lawyer.

Keep Records

Be sure to take pictures of the wreck and where it took place. Keep these organized and in a place that you can easily access them.

Send A Message

If you have had an accident in your car, and you have not spoken to a lawyer. Give David Whipple a call for a free consultation, (816) 842-6411. Or use the contact form

The material provided is intended for informational purposes only. It is not to be considered legal advice and not to be construed as legal representation.